Shearer Fabrication DSM V-Band Exhaust Manifold
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Turbo technology has advanced tremendously over the last several years. I thought it was time to harness all the new technology and put it into one awesome package. The new V-Band design also makes installation a snap and you never have to worry about broken bolts or gaskets again.

This manifold features new primary sizing that yields better boost response and substantially more low/mid range torque than ever before. When combined with the latest designs in turbochargers and V-Band turbine housings you'll witness performance like never before. 500+whp turbos now spool as fast as the tiny stock turbos do!

-Uses the latest in turbine housing technology with V-Band connections.
-Proper 15deg merge collector.
-Weighs 11.6lbs!
-Provisions for a Tial MVR wastegate are standard.
-Built for use with a wide variety of turbochargers.
-Professionally welded using high quality thick walled Stainless Steel tubing.
-Carries a life time warranty to the original owner.

  • Item #: SF04-3-001

Shearer Fabrication DSM V-Band Exhaust Manifold

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